Nails at The Works Salon

sculptured gal nails

The very best in nail extensions, using the most advanced, flexible and strongest nail system available. No tips or glue means no damage to your original nail.

Always return to the studio for the professional removal of nails to ensure that there is no damage to your natural nail.

bio sculpture

This treatment strengthens, conditions and encourages nails to grow and does not damage your natural nails. Long lasting and chip proof which can last up to 4 weeks!

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nail art

There is a large range of nail art available, prices vary depending on design. Freehand nail art, glitters, transfers and daimantes.

creative spa


Treating the nails, cuticles and skin, including exfoliating crystals, cutical treatment, hand massage, hot mittens and polish.


Starting with an invigorating foot spa, then dry skin removal, exfoliation, cuticle and nail work and finish with foot massage, mask and hot booties.

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